Mathilde Fays

Born in Alsace (France), Mathilde used to follow her dad in the chocolate workshop section of the family shop from a tender age. Jean-Yves Fays, a maître chocolatier, baker and ice-cream maker with more than 30 years of experience, has not only passed on all his knowledge and expertise to her. He also gave her his great passion for all things chocolate.

When she was 16, Mathilde was already in charge of creating all the chocolate pieces at Chocolats de Saveurs in Blainville, the family business at the time. She then spent three years at the Magasin de l'Abbaye in Oka, where she made chocolate treats, and at The Moulin Lafayette, where she also acted as chocolatier.

Passionate and determined, she was finally able to make her very own dream come true after gaining 10 years of experience in the chocolate business: open her own artisan chocolate shop. Her artistic creativity enables her to handcraft extraordinary fine chocolate pieces stamped with her own signature while also gaining accolades in the industry.

" I truly am an epicurian. I am very passionate about artisan chocolate and local products! The origin of raw ingredients, their quality as well their impact on their environment are core values that I want to see reflected in each of my chocolate confection, bar or bonbon.


From as far as she can remember, Mathilde Fays was in awe of her father who year after year at Easter, would make his famous chocolate rooster. Around 12 hours of work and 30 kg of chocolate are required to create this unique piece that stands over 1.5 metres high. It is with a great deal of pride that she creates that rooster each year and made it her business logo to honor the memory of her dad.

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