gateau foret noire
gateau foret noire Véritable gâteau Forêt noire Valeur nutritive forêt noire Étiquette d'ingrédients forêt noire 6-8
5.25 $

Here is the real black forest cake, as seen on the show L'Épicerie. Rediscover this traditionally worked cake with a chocolate biscuit soaked in Kirsch syrup, Kirsch cherries and whipped cream. Rediscover this lost classic, the true real black forest!

Available in our 2 stores in Oka and Sainte-Thérèse and at la Boulangerie du Village in Saint-Donat or on order in the following outlets: Ladouceur du terroir in St-Eustache and Olives & Café noir in Montréal. Simply contact them directly to verify the orderability. 

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